Women Are Suffering From “GYMTIMIDATION”

Women Are Suffering From “GYMTIMIDATION”



One in four women suffer from “gymtimidation”

Read the full article here and see if you are one of these women. Or just look at this list below:

Top 10 reasons given for avoiding a workout:

1. Not having enough money for the gym/classes (27%)
2. Feeling too intimidated by the gym (25%)
3. Worrying about looking unfit in front of other people (21%)
4. Worrying about what other people think of me (19%)
5. Not knowing how to use machinery or exercise efficiently (16%)
6. Worrying about getting too red and sweaty (15%)
7. Fear of not being good enough (14%)
8. Feeling that I need to be better before I work out in public (14%)
9. Feeling intimidated by the gym because of male trainers (14%)
10. Not liking how I look in workout clothing (12%)