Is There Anything You Wouldn’t Eat for a Billion Dollars?

Is There Anything You Wouldn’t Eat for a Billion Dollars?

Before you chow down on delicious food Thursday, let’s talk about some disgusting stuff first…

Over 100,000 people recently took an online survey that asked, “would you eat this for a BILLION DOLLARS”?  And yes, there are things we wouldn’t chow down on for that much dough.  Here are ten questions, and how people answered . . .

1.  Would you eat a whole, raw chicken that’s rotten?  Only 27% would do it for a billion dollars.

2.  Would you drink gallon of clean toilet water from the bowl, right after something REALLY disgusting got flushed?  44% said yes, they would.

3.  Eat a large bowl of freshly clipped toenails?  Only 27% would do it.

4.  A plate of spaghetti with LOTS of dandruff sprinkled on it.  56% said yes.

5.  A cupcake made of earwax.  Only 10% would do it.

6.  Drink a gallon of blood.  39% said yes.  It didn’t specify whose blood.

7.  Eat a very large LIVE rat?  Only 7% would do it.

8.  A footlong sandwich full of live cockroaches?  20% said yes.

9.  A gallon of year-old expired milk.  18% would drink it for a billion dollars.

10.  Would you eat your PET?  13% said yes.

Check out the full story here.